Chris O’Brien Lifehouse


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Brookfield Multiplex Constructions commissioned Building Studio to develop an alternative concept design for the The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse project at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. The primary aim was to maximise each patient’s comfort during their stay and improve personal health outcomes. Building Studio re-addressed the hospital’s design to ensure every room has access to natural light, fresh air, views communal spaces and privacy.
This promoted healing by creating spaces that focussed upon patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing, ensuring each resident’s quality of life would be maintained at the highest standard.

By focussing on innovation, improving procurement and alternative construction methods, Building Studio was able to integrate the clinical and technical requirements of a modern hospital with superior patient experience. This not only maximised opportunities for improved health outcomes but would ultimately reduce recurring health care expenditure.

Although the alternative design was not selected for construction, the Building Studio concept was considered in detail by The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and formed a key component of Brookfield Multiplex’s successful tender bid.